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Frequent Ask Questions

1. How long do I keep the Lick Sleeve on my dog?

- The lickleeve team generally recommends keeping the Lick Sleeve on for 3 weeks. This is to ensure the surgical site is fully healed. You should have the surgical site checked by your primary care Veterinarian to make sure it is completely healed prior to removing the Lick Sleeve.

2. How long does it take to ship?

- We ship out of Dallas, Texas USA, at check out you can select different shipping options, such as overnight, 2 days, ground, ect… After making your selection it will display an estimated date of arrival depending on your method of delivery and location.

3. Licksleeve Sizes:







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4. Is the Lick Sleeve washable?

- The Lick Sleeve is machine washable and should be hung to dry.

5. What's the fabric made of?

- The fabric consists of 95% nylon and 5% spandex. We choose this material because it is soft, breathable, and flexible. This provides comfort and protection for the patient while preventing moisture trapping to decrease the risk of infection.

6. Does my dog need to wear an e-collar with the Lick Sleeve?

- Generally your dog should not need to wear an e-collar in addition to the Lick Sleeve. There are however a few exceptions for patients with high anxiety or a history of chewing things up. These patients have a higher risk of attempting to chew at the Lick Sleeve, even though most patients tolerate it well and leave the Sleeve alone. We recommend that you watch your patient for the first few hours that the Sleeve is on to see if they attempt to chew it. We also recommend the patient wear an e-collar at night or when the owner is away from the house if the patient is known to have anxiety or chew things up.

7. How can a male dog urinate with the sleeve on?

- In order to assist the male dog with the bathroom, you will unbuckle and unwrap the sleeve from around the dog’s waist. You can then use the strap as a handle while the pet urinates. Click the link below to watch the Lick Sleeve official video link that demonstrates how male dogs urinate with the sleeve on

8. Can I return the sleeve if my pet does not like it or does not fit right?

- Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if the Lick Sleeve does not work for you. We will refund you upon receiving the returned sleeve. We will send out a return label via email free of charge.

9. What can I do if the Lick Sleeve is too long for my dog?

- You can cut the bottom of the sleeve to prevent it from hanging off the paw with a pair of home scissors. The material will not fray. You can also roll the end up into a cuff if you choose.

10. Can my dog wear two sleeves at the same time?

- Yes, dogs may wear two sleeves at the same time if needed. For example, if the patient is having bilateral procedures done.

11. Do I need to specify the hind leg that’s having the procedure?

- No, the Lick Sleeve is reversible, and will work for both the right or the left limb.

12. Can the lick sleeve be used on front legs ?

- Yes, the Lick Sleeve can be worn on front legs. You can do this by crossing the long strap across the chest/heart. The right side of the sleeve will be used for the right front limb, and left side for the left front limb.

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