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How do I keep dogs from licking stitches?

Various recovery products help prevent dogs from licking their wounds. The most common one is the cone of shame, also called Elizabethan collar or “e-collar.” You may also use cone of shame alternatives such as hip and thigh recovery sleeves, collars that look like human neck braces, and whole-body recovery suits.

Lick Sleeve is a recovery sleeve for dogs. It has a sure-fit design that provides 100% area coverage and stays on much longer than other protective devices. Its breathable and flexible fabric lets your dogs experience a natural recovery at utmost comfort.

Are hip and thigh wound protective sleeves for dogs necessary?

Using a hip and thigh wound protective sleeve for dogs ensures a proper recovery. It holds various benefits, such as preventing your dog from making contact with the wound and reducing possible infections caused by licking.

Using a protective sleeve won’t affect your dog’s quality of life because it won’t impede their ability to play, eat, or drink.

Can my dog exercise after surgery?

Yes, dogs can exercise after surgery. In fact, veterinarians suggest keeping your dog active after post-surgery.

Your dog doesn’t have to perform heavy exercises. Instead, you can conduct assisted leash walks that let them urinate and defecate. As your dog continues to recover, you can gradually increase the difficulty of these exercises to ease your dogs into a more active lifestyle.

A protective leg sleeve for dogs makes exercising less uncomfortable and prevents the wound from being exposed. Prolonged inactivity of the injured leg can make it difficult for your pet to return to its pre-injury state.

Is the cone of shame uncomfortable?

While the cone of shame helps in the recovery of dog wounds, it severely affects their quality of life. Some dogs may turn introverted while others may show signs of constant irritation because of the device. Moreover, since it restricts their field of vision, accidents could happen if your pet accidentally bumps into furniture or other objects inside the house.

Many pet owners opt for cone of shame alternatives to avoid complications such as psychological distress, lack of energy, depression, and lethargy. But most importantly, choosing an alternative to the cone of shame lets your pet naturally heal so it can sleep, groom, eat, and drink comfortably.

Can I use the recovery sleeve on the front leg?

The Lick Sleeve is best designed for your dog’s hind leg. It can be used on either the left and right hind leg to accommodate any type of injury.

How long does my dog need to wear the protective sleeve?

Recovery sleeves for dogs are worn until the wound has fully healed. To ensure that your dog’s leg has fully recovered, check the suture. So pay attention whenever you’re cleaning the gauze and replacing it with a clean wrap.

Regularly checking the injury ensures that it’s healing properly and free from infections.

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