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How long do I keep the Lick Sleeve on my dog?

The amount of time you should keep the sleeve on your pet depends on the nature of the wound that you are trying to protect. Typical surgical sites are no less than 14 days of wearing the sleeve. However, surgical sites can still be damaged by the pet up to 1 week after suture removal. Other wounds such as lick granulomas may require months of wearing the sleeve. Always follow your veterinarians specific instructions.

Does the Lick Sleeve come in different colors?

The fabric used for the Lick Sleeve has been very carefully selected taking more than 1 year to find. If we can find a similar quality fabric in different colors we would love that.

How do I put the Lick Sleeve on?

Please follow our instructional video or the instructions found on the back of your packaging.

What if the strap is slipping under the buckle and the sleeve falls off?

A knot can be tied in the strap at the desired length just behind the buckle to prevent it from slipping loose.

What if my dog has ripped a hole in the Lick Sleeve?

If the hole is in a place of significance a new sleeve should be purchased. Attempts at sowing the hole closed can be made. But will more easily tear again. Most pets do not bother a properly fitting sleeve. So please watch the instructional video again to make sure you are using it correctly.

Can I use a used Lick Sleeve on a different dog?

Yes, the Lick Sleeve can be machine washed cold and hang dried before being used on another pet. However, we recommend a new sleeve if an infection has been previously documented.

Can I wash the Lick Sleeve?

Yes, the Lick Sleeve can be machine washed cold and hang dried.

Where can I purchase a Lick Sleeve close to me?

Contact your veterinarian to see if they have our product. If not, please visit us at

What if my dog has short legs and the sleeve is too long?

The bottom of the sleeve can be cut circumferentially as needed to prevent it from hanging over the foot when in use.

What if my dog is too skinny for the sleeve?

The long strap can be shortened by folding and oversewing with a home sewing machine. Additionally safety pins can be used but are not recommended.

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