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Running a veterinary practice comes with its own share of surprises. Luckily, purchasing cone of shame alternatives for dogs doesn’t have to be one of them.

When you join our Lick Sleeve wholesale program, you’re investing in a quality product that can be ordered with ease online—and the perks don't end there.

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The Lick Sleeve is priced to incentivize veterinarians to carry this product in their facilities. Avoid wasted time by ordering larger quantities of the Lick Sleeve in Bulk. The more sleeves you order the better pricing becomes. Fetch great profits with our Lick Sleeve wholesale program.


“We have been using Lick Sleeve for a couple months and I will have to say this is the greatest product on the market to date. Our patients are so much happier and calmer, to say the least. After years of sending patients home with e-collars, we were so excited when we were finally able to offer our clients something that is less cumbersome and much more comfortable. Thank you Lick Sleeve our patients and clients are much happier.”

Anjie Fleming
Tennessee Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Why your customers and
their pets will
love Lick Sleeve

Our innovative Lick Sleeve is the perfect alternative to an E-collar or recovery cone designed to protect a dog's leg in cases of injury and skin disease, or during post-surgery care.

Your customers and their pets will surely love Lick Sleeve for its sure-fit design that comes in a variety of sizes interchangeable for the left and right hind leg.

It also provides comfort, reduces stress, and promotes faster healing without taking away a dog's freedom of movement.

Lick Sleeve is becoming

Our innovative post-surgery recovery sleeves for dogs are made of premium breathable, stretch-resistant, and machine-washable fabric that’s safe for your customer's pets and the environment.

This protective device gives your patient's leg the right amount of time to heal by preventing destructive licking, scratching, and biting.

The dog leg sleeve recommended by veterinarians worldwide, Lick Sleeve is guaranteed to satisfy your customers and keep their dogs comfortable and happy during recovery.


If you're interested in partnering with us, please complete the application above and we'll reach out to you once we've reviewed your information. We look forward to learning more about your business and exploring a potential Lick Sleeve partnership.

Make comfortable and happy recovery your number one priority

See how Lick Sleeve changed the life of dog owners and made their pups’ recovery more comfortable and stress-free. Its form-fitting design allows natural movement that lets your dog run, walk, and play normally. Heal in style and make your dog happy with Lick Sleeve.

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