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Lick Sleeve
is a new,
Patent Pending protective device for dogs that keeps your dog comfortable and happy during recovery from rear leg surgery or injury.

Veterinary Surgeon Dr. David Allman, DVM, DACVS-SA, of Austin, Texas invented the Lick Sleeve out of his frustration using the cone or other devices that failed or caused severe behavior problems.

Lick Sleeve is a simple, comfortable and highly effective device that wraps and protects the leg naturally.


Lick Sleeve slips easily over the foot and and secured with a wrap over the back and around the chest or flank. It does not cover the paw because most dogs will not tolerate the paw being covered. It is made with lightweight, flexible and breathable material to allow natural movement and flex. None of the dog’s senses are inhibited, reducing fear. It allows stress reducing social interaction with owners and other dogs. The dog can move around freely accessing food, in and out of doors, around furniture and other obstacles.


Lick Sleeve is reversible so it can be used on the right or left leg. With multiple sizes, it fits medium (30-50 lbs), large (50-80 lbs) and extra-large (80-120 lbs) dogs.


The unique fabric technology is strong and stretch resistant. It can be washed and worn multiple times.


Lick Sleeve keeps your dog’s leg trauma area protected from destructive licking and biting as well as other potential hazards. This allows the wound and other underlying medical procedures the proper amount of time to heal.

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