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16 Reasons Why Lick Sleeve is Better Than the Cone of Shame

1. Improves Compliance by the Dog Owner
75% of dog owners remove the cone within the first 24 hours of returning home from the veterinarian. Lick Sleeve removes discomfort and increases compliancy 100% of the time.

2. No Hearing or Vision Impairment
Undue stress is caused when a dog’s senses are hampered by the cone.

3. Security and Defense
Dogs that do not feel like they can defend themselves have anxiety and aggressive tendencies.

4. Grooming
An inability to groom degrades the overall body health of dogs.

5. Easy Access to Food and Water
The cone impairs free access to food and water leading to loss of weight and deters proper nutrition.

6. Comfortable and Form Fitting
The constant discomfort of the cone can lead to depression and lethargy.

7. Soft and Flexible
Cones are rigid and rub the skin around the neck area, leading to discomfort and possible skin irritation. 


8. You Can Cuddle and Pet Your Dogs Head
Dogs need our love and affection. Cones make it difficult to rub and scratch around a dogs ears and neck which creates anxiety and reduces social interaction.

9. Easy to Leash and Lead Your Dog
The cone makes it very difficult to attach a collar and leash.


10. No Abrasions or Rubbing Around Neck
Abrasions of skin around the neck from the cone can lead to infections.

11. Perfect Fitting and Sizes
Bad fitting cones can cause multiple problems such as removal, abrasions and irritation.

12. Keeps the Wound or Surgery Site Completely Covered and Protected
Cones do a poor job of keeping a dog from reaching the leg and wound area - especially rear legs.

13. Full, Natural Access Around Home/Living Spaces
Dogs wearing a cone have a difficult time getting through doggy doors and around furniture.

14. Reduces Stress
The cone’s long list of problems add unnecessary stress that can lead to other healthcare problems.

15. Improves Social Interaction
Dogs require social interaction with other dogs or packs for optimal health and emotion. The cone makes it difficult to smell and interact with other dogs.

16. Reduces Saliva, Food, and Feces Contamination
The cone is difficult to keep clean and sterile. Which can lead to bacteria or pathogen buildup.


"Jet kept bumping into the furniture and catching it on doors all over the house. After 2 hours, we just took it off.” 

Tonya A.
Fort Worth, Texas

"It was so upsetting to see little Tank bump into things and be miserable. We took the cone off the second day he was home.”

Ashley M.
Denver, Colorado

“Boondog is just the sweetest thing, but while he’s got the cone on he has been attacking the other dogs because of his stress.”

Maggie O.
Brock, Texas


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